Re: vpnc-connect works, vpnc plugin doesn't quite work

On Wed, 2006-11-22 at 17:33 -0500, Matt Stevens wrote:
> NM installed but with no vpnc plugin.  vpnc-connect worked just fine
> built and installed vpnc plugin, and using these great notes
> I was about to open vpnc connection...except it doesn't work.
> vpnc-connect manual method updates resolv.conf with received DNS
> information from VPN gateway.  When I use Network Manager the only
> nameserver in resolv.conf is my ISP router.  Anyone know
> how resolve 8-) this?

Hmm, can you figure out what options vpnc is passing to the vpnc script?
You can also do a quick change yourself and see what the helper prints

In vpn-daemons/vpnc/src/nm-vpnc-service-vpnc-helper.c, you'll see some
lines in main() starting like this:

#if 0
		FILE *file = fopen ("/tmp/vpnstuff", "w");
		fprintf (file, "VPNGATEWAY: '%s'\n", vpn_gateway);

Remove the #if 0 and #endif lines, and recompile/reinstall.  Then use
NetworkManager and try to connect to the VPN.  Then, check /tmp/vpnstuff
and see if it contains a line starting with "INTERNAL_IP4_DNS".  Does
it?  If so, what does that line contain?


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