Proposal: remove support for non-scanning wireless drivers in 0.7?


Would anyone be terribly offended if support for non-scanning drivers
got removed for the next major version of NetworkManager?  I can't think
of any driver of consequence [1] right now that doesn't support
scanning, since Orinoco got scanning upstream in the kernel around
2.6.12.  I think we can expect any wireless card and driver you put into
a modern Linux system to support wireless scanning.  The benefits are
removal of a bunch of code and cleanups of the logic inside
NetworkManager for scanning and connection handling.



[1] excluding arlan, netwave_cs, ray_cs, spectrum_cs, wavelan, and
wl3501, but all these are legacy drivers, many are pre-802.11b DSS
hardware, and I'm 99% sure they aren't supported by wpa_supplicant

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