Re: PPTP Plugin Issues

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry I'm late replying.  I've not seen the list in days!
I've been spending considerable time with a few people trying to make
sure this stuff works in several distros.  It still needs the core NM
fix for MTU stuff (,
but hopefully Dan will accept the new dict stuff soon :-)

> 1) Compiling the latest CVS of the pptp daemon is rather frustrating
> because more than a few functions expect a return value when none is
> given.

Those warnings have since all been corrected I think.

> 2) I'm a ultraportable user, so my screen is limited to 1024x768.  It's
> irksome that the configuration screen is larger vertically than resolution
> -- have to ALT-F7 and move it around just to see the options.

This is a problem.  It should only display what is needed for each
connection type but there is a bug that means it seems to show
everything on editing a connection.  I've tried to make sure the default
is at least for everything to be folded away.

Unfortunately there seem to be a lot of PPP tweaks needed by different
people to get things going.  Once I've got a better feel for what
everybody needs the window will probably be rationalised somewhat.

> 3) After configuring the PPTP VPN, it doesn't show up in the menu, even
> after a few full system restarts.  

This is very strange.  I have hear reports of trouble using new versions
if you have the configuration from old versions hanging around in gconf.
I can only suggest taking a look around
in .gconf/system/networking/vpn_connections/ and seeing if there are any
obvious left overs?

Also, there is an issue compiling with PPPd, currently the few 2.4.3
headers needed are included with the source, and 2.4.4 needs some
modifications.  But that shouldn't cause the missing menu thing.

Beyond that, it would help to see the output from "NetworkManager
--no-daemon" as there may be something at initialisation that's failing.

> I notice there's an option in the
> configuration to "Show connection on menu," but it's unchecked and
> completely greyed out -- I can't seem to change it or ungrey to be able to
> change it regardless of what settings I enter into the configuration.  Is
> there something blatantly obvious that I'm missing?

The greyed out option is for forcing a connection to be accessible even
when there is no network connection present.  It isn't used in PPTP
mode, only for other PPP connections like dial up and bluetooth gprs.
I can hide that too for PPTP I suppose.  


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