Multiple, configured, eth devices under NM


Is it possible to have more than one eth device configured and active (in
different subnets) under NetworkManager?

I've got a 10/100 device (broadcom tg3 driver) and a wireless (ipw2200)
interface that I'd like to use dhcp to configure (this already works, so not a
"how do I do this from a dhcpd perspective question) but they belong to
different subnets (with different routing configs as well) and have different
purposes. NM seems to believe that the "only" way to use more than one network
device on a laptop/desktop system is to switch between the two?

I'd like to be able to have both under NM control, but at the same time allow
them both to be configured and active (on different subnets). Is there a way to
make that happen or do I have to go the ifup/ifdown route?


// Thomas

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