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I was wondering if a "saved hotspots" setting will be implemented in the future. That way, connecting to any hidden SSID will be easy. Furthermore, what is technical feasibility of this? I know that my routers mac address was stored because i can see it in gconf-editor. Is it possible for network manager to connect to a router based on mac address?


On 4/5/06, Russell Harrison <rtlm10 gmail com> wrote:
I was wondering the same thing.  Reading on the NM page I had the impression that you should see a "hidden" network in your list once you'd connected to it once.  Or better yet it would attempt to connect on its own...

On 4/3/06, A S < noeyez gmail com> wrote:
Hello everyone,
First off, I want to thank all the developers who are working on this much needed project. Its really awesome! I've been using it for awhile now on Ubuntu Breezy and recently i upgraded to Ubuntu Dapper which includes network manager 0.6.1 .

Anyway, at home my wireless network doesn't broadcast the SSID. If i choose to connect to other wireless network and enter the relevant information(SSID, WPA2, PSK) it connects ok. But, when i switch to the wired network or restart the computer then i try to choose my wireless network again, it no longer appears in the available list of networks. I think it has to do with the SSID not being broadcast. I know that all the information to connect to the network is stored in gconf and gnome-keyring-manager but there is no way to select this network. Is this a known issue or is it specific to my computer?


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