Re: hidden ssid, autoip on startip

On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 10:34 -0500, Paul Dugas wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 17:55 -0500, R� Cardona wrote:
> > - does it work with iwconfig et al. ?
> Disabling NM and using ifup works.
> > - what's the output in /var/log/messages or better yet, run nm with 
> > --no-deamon and see what goes on when you connect.
> I attached the entries from /var/log/messages in my first post.  I see
> it starting wpa_suplicant for some reason but I'm not the right person
> to decide if that's correct or not.  Once WPA was added to all this, I
> lost my footing ;)
> > - if you have "some" amount of control of the network, try turning off 
> > the adhoc setup latops.
> I wish it were otherwise but sadly, I have no control over the other
> PCs.
> This is essentially a DOS attack against NM users.  One person setting
> their radio to adhoc with the same SSID seems to prevent legitimate NM
> users.  Can't we address this?  Can't we find a way for NM to
> differentiate between managed and adhoc networks?  I just want it to
> ignore the adhoc ones.  Maybe just prefer managed instead?  There's
> gotta be a fix for this.

I think the "correct" fix is to separate managed and adhoc networks in
the network list...  Right now NM concatenates all networks with the
same SSID together, regardless of the network's properties.

Another thing to think about would be setting the AP's BSSID on the card
as well as the SSID, but that has a few problems, namely that (1) not
all drivers support setting the BSSID, and (2) roaming is then broken.


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