Re: hidden ssid, autoip on startip

On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 17:55 -0500, Rémi Cardona wrote:
> - does it work with iwconfig et al. ?

Disabling NM and using ifup works.

> - what's the output in /var/log/messages or better yet, run nm with 
> --no-deamon and see what goes on when you connect.

I attached the entries from /var/log/messages in my first post.  I see
it starting wpa_suplicant for some reason but I'm not the right person
to decide if that's correct or not.  Once WPA was added to all this, I
lost my footing ;)

> - if you have "some" amount of control of the network, try turning off 
> the adhoc setup latops.

I wish it were otherwise but sadly, I have no control over the other

This is essentially a DOS attack against NM users.  One person setting
their radio to adhoc with the same SSID seems to prevent legitimate NM
users.  Can't we address this?  Can't we find a way for NM to
differentiate between managed and adhoc networks?  I just want it to
ignore the adhoc ones.  Maybe just prefer managed instead?  There's
gotta be a fix for this.

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