Re: Network Manager with KDE

On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 01:33:16PM -0800, Brian Murray wrote:
> I launced nm-applet once in a terminal and that caused the applet gui to
> appear in the system tray. I then logged out of KDE and logged back in and
> nm-applet appeared again in my system tray. So I believe it was stored as a
> part of my KDE session. Further investigation shows that
> /home/bdmurray/.kde/share/config/ksmserverrc was modified and that nm-applet
> was added to it.

For the benefit of other KDE users, more precisely:

Check out Kontrol Center -> KDE Components -> Session Manager
* If "Restore Previous Session" is checked, any applet running when you log
  out will get launched automatically when you log in again. So you only
  need to launch nm-applet once and everything should be fine.
* If "Restore manually saved session" is checked, you need to launch
  nm-applet once, postition the windows you wish to see at kde start, and
  clock on "Save Session" in the K-menu.
* If "Start with an empty session" is checked, you will need to launch
  nm-applet each time or use another mechanism to launch it automatically.


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