Re: PPTP Support

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the response. I do want it to "just work". But "minor edits then just works" seems to be better than "doesn't work"; if only a step in the right direction.

This means for me that I can now run NM in one important location (office) and gives me more motivation to get it working in the other important place (home requires WPA-PSK).

Robert Love wrote:

The need to edit the secrets file is one thing, but requiring the user
edit the ppp ifup script is quite another.  We really need stuff to
"just work" and I understand that PPTP and PPP are heavily interwoven,
and this sucks, but is there any way to work around this?
So. I have attempted to start a discussion on the linux-ppp and pptp-client-devel lists to sniff out solutions to precisely these issues. I didn't want to fill everyones mail boxes with it but you can find it archived here:

That discusses the two issues mentioned already. And a third, more annoying one that I only discovered on connecting to a different network today. This is related to the lack of a way to get the VPN server's IP which is needed for adjusting the routing tables. I think I have a work around for that now though by getting NetworkManager to resolve the IP of the VPN server before spawning pptp.

In the case of the secrets file, I suppose you could write that data out
yourself, no?
That I have considered, but was unsure how to proceed. If I were to do so how would people like to see it done?
  a) NM maintains lines in chap-secrets
b) before connecting backup chap-secrets, and replace it with an NM generated file
       and replace the original when the connection has been established
  c) other

Editing the ifup script seems harder, to be sure ...

I agree of course, but this appears to be the only interface provided by ppp for getting the tunnel and dns properties. I hope the pppd list will provide me an answer there.


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