Re: How does the resolv.conf get created?

On Tue, May 17, 2005 10:34 am, R. Steven Rainwater said:
> I've also run into situations where it would have been helpful to have
> a way of overriding NM's resolv.conf file.

The NM source includes a "dispatcher" program that fires scripts in
/etc/<somewhere> when connections change.  I tweaked the init script to
start/stop the dispatcher then spun up scripts in that /etc subdirectory
to munge the resolv.conf and my squid configs when I connnect to various

I've asked before on this list whether there were others using the
dispatcher and whether the distribution should include/start it.  Never
got any answers.  I guess use of local post-change scripts goes against
the stated "it just works" goal for the project.  Pity.


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