Re: How does the resolv.conf get created?

On Sat, 14 May 2005, Filip Miletic wrote:
> Can someone please explain how the NetworkManager creates the
> /etc/resolv.conf?
> I run bind on local machine and would like to use localhost as the DNS.
> NM does not like it, apparently. Is it possible to explain gently to NM
> that it should not touch /etc/resolv.conf?

Not really, because NetworkManager needs to be able to configure DNS on the 
machine.  If you're using DHCP, the DNS server information comes from the DHCP 
server, and NetworkManager must write that out to /etc/resolv.conf so the 
machine can resolve hostnames.  If the machine uses static IP, NetworkManager 
must still do the same thing.

Versions for FC4 and what's in CVS HEAD have the ability to use the localhost as 
a caching nameserver, and simply write out "" to /etc/resolv.conf.  It 
then launches BIND with a config file in /var/named/data that its written out 
that also oholds the current DNS servers.

Do you use special resolv.conf settings, or have additional settings that you 
give to BIND when you run it locally?  What exactly do you use BIND for in your 

> That said, a teensy bit of documentation would _really_ be great.

Yes, it would.  Its something on the to-do list.  What areas would be best to 
work on first?  General usage and behavior?


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