Re: Preparing for 0.3.5 release

I pulled down anoncvs today and except for one time where I lost
routes I haven't had any problems.  I have not been able to reproduce
the crashes I was seeing before.

Unfortunately the loss-of-route issue does not have any associated log
messages, and I still haven't been able to categorize the failure.  So
far the only thing I've noticed is that it sometimes happen when I
come out of suspend mode and tell NM to wake, it'll connect to the
network but then after a couple minutes it'll clear all the routes
(even though NMInfo thinks the network is still connected).



Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

> Hi,
> So, as was suggested, lets all prepare for a 0.3.5 release from the STABLE_0_3 
> branch.  What does this mean?
> - Report new bugs, or confirm that old ones still exist with current 0.3.5
> - Try switching access points a lot
> - Try switching between wired and wireless
> If nothing huge comes up, I'll tag and release a 0.3.5 either this week or next.  
> I've tried to clean out the old bugs in Red Hat bugzilla and bugzilla 
> that were filed against NetworkManager, and I'll continue to track the ones 
> that are still there and any new ones that get filed about 0.3.5.
> Dan
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