Re: NetworkManager, Wireless and Fedora FC4

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 13:29 -0400, Ray Hooker wrote:
> Very interesting. SELinux does tube NetworkManager under the latest
> version (was that a problem with dhcdbd?)  Anyhow, I am able to
> connect successfully.
> I have a question on VPNC.  It is really cool to have it right in the
> NM menu under GNOME.  Unfortunately I get the following the following
> message:
> "The VPN service said: The VPN login failed because the VPN program
> could not be started."
> Was I supposed to install the Cisco VPN code which installs a VPN
> service or is there something I need to do to get it started?  I
> looked at the man vpnc but nothing jumped out at me...

No, you only need the NetworkManager vpnc connector and an install of

> NOTE that originally the path was incorrect so I fixed it to add
> /usr/sbin... what command in what path does it use to bring up the VPN
> client?

It should check both /usr/sbin and /sbin for vpnc.  What you can do to
test stuff out a bit is to, as root, run:


Then try to use the menu to connect to your VPN.  nm-vpnc-service should
spit out some errors to the terminal telling you what's wrong.  Can you
paste those into a reply to this email?


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