Re: NetworkManager, Wireless and Fedora FC4

Well I am both encouraged and stuck.  NetworkManager was working but
without the VPNC, so I upgraded to the versions as per:

When upgrading, it complained that I needed dhcdbd, so I got and
installed dhcdbd-1.6-1.rpm.

When I rebooted, logged in under gnome and ran
"/usr/libexec/nm-applet" it looks great.  It detects the other
networks in the neighborhood and mine.  The problem is that it doesn't
do dhcp client and setup routing.  I have even tried doing a "pull
down" from the applet and clicking on the wireless networks to
connect.  NOTE**** the wired ethernet does not work either.  I am
totally hosed other than manually setting up the routes and assigned a
fixed ip address.. and resolv.conf.

I suspect that it was the dhcdbd package that did it but any
suggestions are appreciated.  If necessary I can reinstall FC4 as I
want a set of steps that works cleanly without wondering as I often do
with Linux (yes well after 2 days it works but I wonder what I


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