Re: [patch] more stetic, broken up, 2/2

Bryan Clark wrote:
So that was definitely done purposefully, here's why. :-)  We didn't use
a disabled menu item because those are reserved for items that will
_eventually_ become enabled.  In your menus the items are either
enabled, disabled with a possibility of becoming enabled, or not there
at all.  Since the 'Wireless Networks' item never actually becomes
enabled we opted to leave it normal.  Opposite is the 'Wired Network'
menu which does become enabled when you have a wired connection, and
thus we felt a disabled item was perfect for that.  To make the Wireless
Network item stand out as "something you won't be clicking on", we
centered it. The centering also gives a header style look to it that I
think works.
I don't know if GTK supports this, but HTML 4 lets you group drop-down menu items together by indenting them beneath a non-selectable title item.  The product menu on's Bugzilla search page is a good example.  Seems like that would be an effective solution here, too.


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