Re: [rfc] modems, isdn, and other relics of the stone age.

Derek Atkins wrote:
I'd very much like to use
NM to control my PPP-over-PCS configuration.  Right now I have to manually
ifup/ifdown the interface; it would be nice if it were tied into NM so I could
ifup/ifdown from NM instead of manually.

I'd like to add my 2p worth. Getting a connection going through a cellphone using bluetooth or IrDA, GPRS and the service provider as ISP is not rocket science. But without a GUI of some kind this is beyond many users ability.

Using wireless is good if you are near a hotspot. Here in the UK there are perhaps four or five places I can think of that I visit regularly that support wifi, but pretty much _everywhere_ else I can get GPRS. So for a typical wireless user I would have thought dialup and ppp support would be an excellent addition to NM.

Even if the NM team are determined not to support PPP and dialup, please consider how NM can sensibly coexist with other networking GUIs and maybe point people in their direction in documents/FAQ etc,



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