Re: Pause/Resume Wireless Scanning

On Wed, 9 Feb 2005, Sven wrote:
> some observations re scanning: if i modify scan_interval in
> src/NetworkManagerDevice.c, i can see that even when Pause Wireless
> Scanning is disabled, some sort of scanning by NM still happens.
> watching iwconfig, i see the AP changing to FF:...:FF, the frequency
> changes, and the rate switches between 11Mb/s and 1Mb/s (but nothing in
> between!!??). also, when ethernet is plugged in, something similar
> happens (now the ESSID changes from "" to "XXX")... - which doesn't
> happen when eth is not plugged in. also, in
> src/NetworkManagerDevicePrivate.h, i have to change "guint8
> scan_interval; /* seconds */" if i want a longer scanning interval. 


This should be fixed now in CVS, problem was that 
nm_device_supports_wireless_scan() was getting called (which calls 
SIOCGIWNAME) rather than nm_device_get_supports_wireless_scan(), which just 
reads the cached value from the first function referenced here.  A bad choice of 
function names on my part.


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