DHCP: Reply Message was not UDP

I've had the ipw2200 drivers working with Fedora Core3 on my Dell latitude
D600 for a while now and have been switching between 4 networks almost
daily.  Learned about NM and was *very* excited but I'm not having much
success.  I know my card and driver will work as I've been able to switch
between Fedora's profiles and therefore ESSID/key values.

When running the server and applet under Gnome, I see my hardline
connection and the wireless networks I expect in the applet popup menu. 
When I tell it to switch over to the wireless, it seems to almost work:

  - tailing /var/log/messages shows it finding the indicated essid,
setting the key, sending the DHCP request, and it waiting for a
response.  Sometimes, I see messages like in this email's subject line. 
 Running a tcpdump on the wireless interface, I see the outbound DHCP
request but nothing back.  Running iwconfig in a loop while this is
going on, I see it first try without a key, then with a key of all ones
(yes, all ones like 1111-1111-...), then the correct key that I gave it.
 I've seen it get the invalid DHCP responses when using both open and
restricted mode.  Disabling the firewall iptable rules doesn't affect

Help!  What should I try next?


PS: Feeling dumb here but where is the CVS repository?
Paul A. Dugas                    Dugas Enterprises, LLC
paul dugasenterprises com        1711 Indian Ridge Drive
p:404-932-1355  f:770-516-4841   Woodstock, GA 30189-6856 USA

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