sk98lin netif_carrier support


At the moment the sk98lin network driver doesn't support the
netif_carrier_on/off stuff so NM thinks there is always a wired link
even if there isn't one. I've made a patch to add the support. You can
get the patch here [1]. It is for the 2.6.10 kernel, don't know if it
works for other version. Please don't use it with the ck patchset
because you're cpu usage goes to 100% when you plug in a cable.
For the lazy ones, I've also made a kernel with the patch for fc3. You
find it at the same place as the patch. It works fine for me but if
you're computer turns against you while using it, don't blame me.
Make shure you have the latest update of hal for fc3 to have the sysfs
carrier support!




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