Re: sk98lin netif_carrier support

On Wed, 02 Feb 2005 10:58:44 +0100
Bart Vanbrabant <bart vanbrabant zoeloelip be> wrote:

> Hello,
> At the moment the sk98lin network driver doesn't support the
> netif_carrier_on/off stuff so NM thinks there is always a wired link
> even if there isn't one. I've made a patch to add the support. You can
> get the patch here [1]. It is for the 2.6.10 kernel, don't know if it
> works for other version. Please don't use it with the ck patchset
> because you're cpu usage goes to 100% when you plug in a cable.
> For the lazy ones, I've also made a kernel with the patch for fc3. You
> find it at the same place as the patch. It works fine for me but if
> you're computer turns against you while using it, don't blame me.
> Make shure you have the latest update of hal for fc3 to have the sysfs
> carrier support!
Try the new skge driver, sk98lin is a gross mess and should fade away...

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