Small problems in Ubuntu hoary.

First, thank you so much for your work on
NetworkManager.  It has already made using Linux on
laptops far more enjoyable and I feel a lot more
comfortable setting up friends with Ubuntu with it.

I compiled NetworkManager from CVS a few days ago and
it works great, but I have to:

1)Run NetworkManager manually (i.e. when I boot I run,
sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start)

and 2)Run NetworkManagerInfo as root or I get this
error message: NetworkManagerInfo:
nmi_dbus_service_init() could not acquire its service.
 dbus_bus_acquire_service() says: 'Connection ":1.11"
is not allowed to own the service
"org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo" due to security
policies in the configuration file'

I know these are probably relatively easy-to-fix
problems, so if someone could help me out I would be
very appreciative.  Thanks again.


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