Re: gtk-qt-engine breaks NetworkManagerNotification

i think that the person working on gtk-qt would be the one to talk
about this bug.

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 17:58:29 -0700, Andrew Hahn
<andy andrewhahn homedns org> wrote:
> First off, wonderful program. Thanks!
> I use KDE on my laptop and gtk-qt-engine to keep some continuity between
> application appearance. However, I have found that it breaks
> NetworkManager.
> When using gtk-qt-engine the wired connection will be detected and
> configured properly, but wireless connections are never made. The output
> from
> NetworkManager --no-daemon
> gives:
> NetworkManager: Activation (eth1) started...
> NetworkManager: Activation (eth1/wireless): waiting for an access point.
> NetworkManager: Updating allowed wireless network lists.
> NetworkManager: nm_dbus_get_networks():
> org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo.NoNetworks raised There were are no
> wireless networks stored.
> NetworkManager: Updating allowed wireless network lists.
> When I click on the system tray icon an empty drop down menu appears and
> then an error dialog with:
> The Application "NetworkManagerNotification" has quit unexpectedly.
> When I click 'ok', NetworkManagerNotification is respawned and the tray
> icon reappears.
> Without gtk-qt-engine everything works perfectly.
> This is all with
> fc3
> NetworkManager cvs20050131 (and earlier)
> gtk-qt-engine-0.60-0.fdr.1.3
> kde 3.3.2
> gnome 2.8.0-3
> Just passing on what I have learned,
> I'll keep testing to see if I can find out why.
> Andrew
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Sebastien Estienne

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