Re: [patch] redo tray icon, take two

On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 11:40 -0400, Robert Love wrote:
> We have a few problems:
> 	- Weird extraneous space on the left
> 	- Bevel below the icon on some themes
> 	- Area is framed on some themes

Fair enough.

> > In any case, the original idea here was that since NM _is_ a menu, it
> > should behave like one...
> > 
> > Dan
> > 
> > PS - sorry to nitpick, but I'm trying to get somewhat of the original
> > behavior here.  i.e. let's simulate the highlight _area_ of a menu
> > without actually having one.  Sorry if I was unclear before.
> Yah, I get it.  But the current thing is just weird looking and looks
> even worse in certain themes.  Not to mention that the whole embedding
> of a top menu item in an EggTrayIcon is gross.
> The lack of highlighting of the progress bar is known but not
> intentional.  I am unsure how to highlight it.

I'd settle for just padding the area of the highlight 2 or 3px around
the actual icon of nm-applet, without diminishing the area that the icon
can use (which is about 22x22).  I tried to get this myself with the
patch you sent, but didn't have enough time to investigate why I just
couldn't add padding without chopping off bits of the icon.  My gtk-fu
weakens with time, my son :)

If there's a way to just pad the highlight area _outwards_ then, I'll
take that patch (it's not a big deal if the progress bar isn't
highlighted ATM, we can deal with that later).


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