Re: [patch] redo tray icon, take two

On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 17:30 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:

> Can you post some screenshots of themes that look wierd here?  One issue
> I have with the current v2 patch is that the highlight doesn't highlight
> the entire thing, just the icon.  The progress bar doesn't get
> highlighted.  Maybe that's intentional, not sure.  The highlight is also
> restricted to the icon's area, which makes the highlight and therefore
> the feedback somewhat small.

Ugly, sunken highlight.  Too much space wasted on the left.  This is

Before and after the patch.  Weird gradient under the menu without the
patch.  Too much wasted space on the left:

Too much wasted space on the left.  And when you select the menu, it
selects the last thing to be in focus, too (see the resapplet icon, next
to it).  This is Industrial:

On Sphere Crystal:



High Contrast:


We have a few problems:

	- Weird extraneous space on the left
	- Bevel below the icon on some themes
	- Area is framed on some themes

> In any case, the original idea here was that since NM _is_ a menu, it
> should behave like one...
> Dan
> PS - sorry to nitpick, but I'm trying to get somewhat of the original
> behavior here.  i.e. let's simulate the highlight _area_ of a menu
> without actually having one.  Sorry if I was unclear before.

Yah, I get it.  But the current thing is just weird looking and looks
even worse in certain themes.  Not to mention that the whole embedding
of a top menu item in an EggTrayIcon is gross.

The lack of highlighting of the progress bar is known but not
intentional.  I am unsure how to highlight it.

	Robert Love

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