NetworkManagerInfo/nm-applet development question

I have a Linksys router with the painfully annoying
"key index" setup.  I have written a patch for
NetworkManager to be able to interface with the WEP
"key indexes" on the router.  I used the Linksys GPL
code to figure out their system.  Anyway, I used glade
to edit the nm-applet and add four radio buttons for
key indexes but I cannot get the nm-applet to run on
my system.  The NetworkManagerInfo binary that came
with FC4 works fine but I can't seem to figure out how
to use the nm-applet.

Any ideas?

PS: Do you guys know if any other routers use the key
index scheme?  I believe I could check the AP MAC to
enable/disable the key indexes on a per manufacturer basis.

Eric Wenger
eric_wenger yahoo com

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