Re: Network Manager problems

On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 17:14 +0200, Diego Gonz�z wrote:
> Hi i have managed to install Network Manager on a debian system, I had
> to modify some of the directories that dhcdbd looks in, everything
> seems to be working ok during the 25 first seconds, the wired
> interface is brought up using the dhcp information, the dns daemon
> updated, i can ping But after 25 seconds the wired
> interface falls. I have still not looked to see if the wireless
> inteface works.

How long does DHCP normally take on your system if you just run
'/sbin/dhclient -1 eth0'?  How many seconds?

NetworkManager sets a timeout on how long the DHCP process takes,
because dhclient does not time itself out, and will simply keep sending
for eternity in some cases.  The NM timeout is around 25 seconds, IIRC.
This may need to be tweaked.


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