Re: ubuntu and NetworkManager

Dan Williams wrote:
What driver does the card use?  Is it a PCMCIA-on-PCI wireless card at
all?  Is there an "unknown device" listed in hal-device-manager?


I have an entry in /sys/class/net, my wireless card (a truemobile 1150, using orinoco_cs) is in there as eth1. /sys/class/net/eth1/type is set to 1.

I do not have a device link in /sys/net/eth1.

I *do* have an "Unknown device" entry in hal-device-manager, which corresponds to my wireless card. I'm assuming this is related to the lack of a device entry as stated above.

'iwlist eth1 scanning' gives me:
eth1      Interface doesn't support scanning : Operation not supported

This all adds up to a non-functional NetworkManager for me. Anyone on the list using this wireless card?

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