Re: ubuntu and NetworkManager

On Tue, 02 Nov 2004 20:06:15 +0100, j bootlab org <j bootlab org> wrote:
> with the new packages of network-manger(0.3.1+cvs20041101-2)
> the problem regarding the "Connection to wired interface failed." dialog
> boxes should be solved. it was related to a bug in the debian backend.
> j

That would probably explain why I don't see it any more :)

What I have noticed is that when NMInfo starts, the notification area
gets a client briefly, but that client has no icon.  If I click on the
new blank space before it disappears (about 1-2 seconds), I get a list
containing a single Item "Wired Interface", which is checked, but
nothing about my wireless interface, or the "sit0" interface that
netapplet sees (I don't really want to see anything about the sit0
interface, just about my wireless interface).  I'm using ndiswrapper
for the driver, do I have to do anything to make NM know about the


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