Re: Easy way to add new right-click context menue entries to Nautilus

On 25 Mar 2015, at 07:31, Ben Stover <bxstover yahoo co uk> wrote:

I tried for example:

 pkg install nautilus-actions

but it fails.

The following page is somehow confusing:

Does that mean that the nautilus-actions extension is already automatically installed with Nautilus on 
Solaris 11?

It's been a few years since I worked on the Solaris desktop team, but I don't think nautilus-actions is 
something we ever built or made available to Sun/Oracle customers. (I'll double-check, though.)

In the OpenSolaris days we did have a community of people building those sorts of extra packages for 
OpenSolaris (which, by extension, also worked on Solaris 11), but I don't see nautilus-actions listed there 
either: <>

So unless you have a support contract with Oracle via which you can request it be added in a future Solaris 
update, the answer I'm afraid is that you'll probably have to build a Solaris version yourself. There's a 
tool called pkgbuild available that makes it relatively easy to build Solaris packages from RPM spec files:

but of course that won't take account of any code changes you may have to make to actually get it to run on 
Solaris. (Of which there may be none, I have no idea… but if nothing else, remember you'll have to find and 
build a version of nautilus-actions that's compatible with GNOME 2.30.)


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