Re: Easy way to add new right-click context menue entries to Nautilus


You recommended the nautilus-actions extension.

But I need this extension in Solaris 11 (and not in Linux/Ubuntu).

I have difficulties to find a way to install nautilus-actions in Solaris 11.

All the "usual" ways to install packages in Solaris fail for Nautilus actions.

I tried for example:

  pkg install nautilus-actions

but it fails.

The following page is somehow confusing:

Does that mean that the nautilus-actions extension is already automatically installed with Nautilus on 
Solaris 11?

If NOT: How do I install Nautilus Actions on Solaris 11?

I found no information.

Thank you

On Mon, 16 Mar 2015 09:38:21 +0000, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:


On 16 March 2015 at 09:26, Ben Stover <bxstover yahoo co uk> wrote:

Maybe this is already somehow possible or can be implemented in the next release?

Yes, it's already implemented: it's called "Nautilus Actions", which
is an extension to Nautilus itself ⬠which does the work of exposing
extension points for this reason. You can also easily write an
extension yourself that lets you add actions to the context menu.
Nautilus is already fairly extensible through the extension API, so I
doubt upstream is going to add command line switches (which are hard
to even know about) for running random actions with random command
line arguments.

All your examples also seem to stem from a poorly integrated system.
For instance:

 nautilus -addmenu "Edit with gedit" "gedit %1" FILES

This is already handled by the application's supported MIME type; I
can select files and use 'Open With', and select an application to be
the default for that kind of type.

The other example:

 nautilus -addmenu "Extract into folder ..." "p7zip -e %1"  "*.7z
*.zip *.rar *.tar *.bzip *.gz"

Is handled fairly well by using File Roller; also, where would the
output for that command go, in case of error? It's better to have a
proper application handle this kind of things.

If it's complicated to handle on Solaris, then you should probably
talk to the maintainer of the Solaris packaging of Nautilus and
eventual extensions.


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