columns size and plugin


I use nautilus in ubuntu 13.10 with unity.

I have requested nautilus to display the column with the folder of each file
(its path) because i want to know which folder a file is in
when i do the SEARCH and see a list of result files,
since search returns results of the whole tree including subdirs, which is very fine.

When such a column is displayed, it can be very large and it takes much room
and there is no more room to display the name of the files :
only "Doc..." appear for example, or a mere simple "...".
It might be related to the fact that the name of the column is only 3 character long :
"Nom" (in french), which is very short to display an file name,
all the more if it is '...' when it cannot be fully displayed.

"Last modification date" column, on the other hand, is fully displayed
with lot of blank unused space.
Is there a way to reduce  this size to the content size = 8 characters
insted of the title size ± 22 characters ?

Maybe changing the name of the columns would help, since column width
is strongly related to it.
How can i change "Nom" to "Nom du fichier..." ?
How can i change "Dernière modification" (last edit) to "Edit" ?

Option : Is there another immediate way to know which is the path of a file
amongst search results, without having to display the paths for all files in all windows ?


Other subject, also related to columns :
i have installed the nautilus-column extension so as to display image sizes (not exifs).
It worked OK in ubuntu 12.04 but doesnt seem to work in 13.10
Any hint ?


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