Sushi + Nautilus changes


I am currently looking into making sushi a bit better.

One much requested feature is to switch files from within sushi (e.g. left-right arrows). This bug for example sums it up:

The problem I see is that, although the file and path is known to sushi, the sort order and other stuff is not. 

I am starting pretty fresh, but my idea would be to create a dbus-interface on nautilus which would then in turn act out a "left" or "right" arrow (calling the neccessary functions directly) and send the newly highlighted URI to sushi as return value (via dbus).

My question is: Is the approach valid?

And secondly: Does it make sense to make sushi better (and hopefully get it up to the level of the file previewer of mac os x)? I ask that regarding the redesigns of nautilus that float around...



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