Re: Nautilus places and Users network drive

2014-01-31 Ross Lagerwall <rosslagerwall gmail com>:
On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 10:15:01AM +0100, Prunk Dump wrote:
How can I create a "place" icon for my networks shares so they appears
as "static" drives ?
Is this possible to disable the mount/unmount root prompt in nautilus ?
Is this possible to force a bookmarks for all my users ?

Places are stored in .config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks so just mount in /mnt and
give users a specially configured default bookmarks file.

Ross Lagerwall

Thank you for your help !

This method is not very easy because a need to patch the booksmarks
file of all my users and change the /etc/skell of all my hosts.
Mounting on /media works nearly well. I have just to change my host
fstab or pam_mount files but I would like to disable this unmount

Maybe there is a way to disable all the root password prompt in gnome
or in nautilus ?

It seems that is not possible to force a bookmark with dconf. Is this
possible to create a new "place" icon like "music", "pictures" .... ?

Thank you,


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