Re: Nautilus and thumbnails

I believe he's rather running RHEL 6.2 :-)

Few of us are there long enough to remember the original RH6.2 I believe.


On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 2:21 PM, Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org> wrote:
On Sun, 2014-12-21 at 18:06 +0200, Dennis Zheleznyak wrote:
> I'm running RedHat 6.2 with the stock kernel and gnome and I'm having
> a problem with images and thumbnails.

Really??? RedHat 6.2?  That is *ancient*.

> I noticed that my disk reached its limit of inodes because of 12
> millions files inside ~/.thumbnails/fail and ~/.thumbnails/normal.

If it has been running since 6.2 came out and those directories have not
been cleaned out I can understand why.   Delete everything in them, they
don't matter anyway.

> The issue happens only when I'm inside a directory with images or when
> I have images on my desktop. In addition, I noticed that nautilus has
> 14 CPU usage constantly and whenever I delete the content of the
> directory the files are being recreated immediately.

Delete them from the command line.

yes | rm "~/.thumbnails/fail/*"
yes | rm "~/.thumbnails/normal/*"

> I know I can disable thumbnails using gconf-editor and gconftool2 but
> I want to get to the bottom of it

There is org.gnome.desktop.thumbnail-cache.maximum-age &
org.gnome.desktop.thumbnail-cache.maximum size ... but are they
implemented in your ancient version?  I have no idea.

You also have "org.gnome.desktop.thumbnailers.disable-all".  But again,
no idea what that does on your version.
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