Re: [PATCH 0/6] Extended file stat system call

Dave Chinner <david fromorbit com> wrote:

> 	st_blksize		- file block size
> 	st_alloc_blksize	- allocation block size/alignment
> 	st_small_io_size	- IO size/alignment that avoids
> 				  filesystem/page cache RMW
> 	st_preferred_io_size	- preferred IO size for general
> 				  usage.
> 	st_large_io_size	- IO size/alignment for high
> 				  bandwidth sequential IO

What is st_blksize here?  Is it directly comparable (if such a thing is
possible) to st_blksize in struct stat?  Or does st_preferred_io_size map to
the current st_blksize and your st_blksize map to actual media block size (and
if so, is that the same as st_alloc_blksize?  - I presume st_alloc_blksize
must be a multiple of the media block size).


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