[FEATURE REQUEST] Copying *_files Folder Automaticly When Copying *html File

I wanna ask developers for a feature in Nautilus.

I have compared Windows Explorer with Nautilus. I see that Windows
Explorer (WE for nexts) can copy automaticly folder named *_files when
I copy a *html file. People know if they save a webpage with Firefox
or another web browser, they get a html file and a folder named as
html name plus _files addition. Okay, WE cuts my times, a lot of time,
so I only copy the htmls to another folders and automaticly WE copies
the folders to my destination. It is very efficient for me especially
when Nautilus do not sort my items yet.


1. There is a a.html file and a_files folder in Documents.
2. I copy a.html to Download. Just a.html.
3. I find in Downloads: a.html and a_files.

Yes a_files copied by Nautilus automaticly and I don't have to do it.
I don't know what the name of this feature. I am sorry if I'm wrong.

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