Mount point dissapears after a split second

I recently installed udisks2 and upgraded nautilus.

installed udisks2 (1.94.0-1) 

upgraded nautilus (3.2.1-1 -> 3.4.1-1).

Before those upgrades nautilus showed the mount point and device in the
left side pane, now the mount point usb0 shows for a split second and
dissapears. I really liked that feature that told users what the
mount point was called and eased commandline usage. I also used it to
access umount which I had wrapped to use sudo and then fallback to plain


I have created my own udev rules and scripts adding the following
functionalities to udev/udisks that were missing at the time of design

Works with read-only root.
Allows custom mount options for any filesystem type.
Automounts any usb plugged in with only udev as a dependency to mount
locations such as /media/usb[0-100] (both of these greatly reduce typing
at a terminal without switching to X11).
Cleans up disconnected devices.

I noticed that nautilus offered the mount point as well as the device
in the left side column and right-clicking offered an unmount command
which I wrapped with sudo so that only certain devices could be
unmounted and also so I wouldn't have to delve into the lacking mess and
incorrect documentation (sudo is fine-grained just different and has a
NOPASSWD feature) and the multi-location configuration files of polkit,
which I have to say are horrid.

Does anyone know why/if the mount point is meant to dissapear, the same
thing happened on all 4 systems that I upgraded and whether it's due to
udisks2 or nautilus.


Any way to add a new button to nautilus to run umount.

p.s. giving umount-others polkit permissions to udisks means all users
can unmount / /var/log and everything else which is rediculous.

p.p.s. The new spacefm has been designed to allow sudo usage among other
things but I'm guessing it won't be as featureful as nautilus.

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