Re: GSOC : Video file browsing

Hi Prashanth,

On Sun, 2012-03-25 at 14:28 +0530, Prashanth Ravi wrote:
> I am Comp Sc Bachelor's student from India. For my final year project
> I am developing a media player using Win32 API,libavcodec etc. One of
> the features of the above mentioned player was to integrate into the
> file explorer and make it easier for users to select the files that
> they want to play. 
> I am submitting a brief idea of this feature so that any of the users
> in the mailing list could tell me when it's useful and/or viable on
> nautilus.


Note that since 3.2, Nautilus includes a "quick previewer" which is
launched upon pressing of the Space key.
Other than this, I think the problem space behind this idea is real, and
people actually started to explore a solution [1] in style with the new
GNOME 3 applications design; I think that would be a much better target
for this project than Nautilus.



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