Re: [orca-list] Release of Beta versions of "GNU/Linux distributions for differently-abled people"

Hi Leena,
Nice to know that CDAC has a good intention for making GNU/Linux available to the disabled.
However I wish to make it clear that there is already a Distro called Vinux which is being widely used by blind users.
Firstly, I wish to know if your project has a mailing list?
what are the ways in which foss community members can participate in development?
Do you have a wiki?
How often do you have open meets?
If you are working on a foss based distro it is important that there is community participation right from the start.
For example I never herd about your work untill recently.
I could have then suggested that you merge with the Vinux project because they have already a lot of experience and a big community supporting it.
At the same time you could have shared your work and bennifit all the Vinux users with the enhancements you have done.  I am sure you will have a thing or 2 better than the vinux distro and thus we could exchange ideas and code.
I work at IIT Mumbai and would love to visit your office and have a look personally so even I could help out with your project by helping with some technical issues which I am aware about.
Happy hacking.

On 27/03/12 12:38, Leena Chourey wrote:

This is to inform you all that CDAC has released *Beta versions of **GNU/Linux
distributions for differently-abled people
This includes distribution for Visually Challenged, Cognitively Challenged
and for Physically Challenged People.

Feel free for feedback and suggestions*.

*With regards
Leena Chourey
leenac cdac in
For Accessibility Team,

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