Re: [PATCH] Desktop window behavior under tiling window managers.

On Tue, 2012-03-06 at 08:42 -0500, Kevin Murphy wrote:
> This is a simple fix that allows the desktop window to behave as
> expected under some tiling window managers (only tested in i3, but
> presumably also applies to awesome and others).  It doesn't seem to
> cause problems when running with metacity or other traditional window
> managers (tested with gnome-shell, and metacity and matwm2 under
> gnome's fallback session).  Cheers.

Hi Kevin,

basically this disables any interaction with the window manager and
makes the desktop completely unmanaged. This also means all the hints we
set here [1] are ignored.
I spoke with Owen (gnome-shell and mutter maintainer), and he thinks
this is a really bad idea (and actually this is the old way GNOME used
to draw the desktop 10 years ago before EWMH was written), and i3 is
basically broken wrt. the EWMH, which is very likely to cause the bugs
you're seeing.

What problems are you encountering exactly?



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