Re: Integration of ultracopier

On Thu, 2012-07-05 at 15:29 +0200, alpha_one_x86 wrote:
> I have well look to be not specific to ultracopier (all software using
> this protocol can use this).
> It's exactly what is do under windows, the explorer look if one code
> intercept the copy (in my code I return true if intercepted, false
> else), else do the copy him self.
> I have used the same way than all other software (supercopier, copy
> handler, teracopy, ...).

But I suppose that code lives in an Explorer plugin or something like
How does the API look like for somebody who wants to override file
operations in Explorer?

> After if you have suggestion to be more cleaner, I'm open. But for lot
> of user wish a quick integration, it's the priority (long time waiting
> to integrate with natilus, some user more than 4 years).
> What I can do to help? I thinks nautilus should integrate the plan to
> intercept the copy (by plugin or not).

I can think of two ways of making something like this possible with
- move the file operations code in Nautilus into e.g. a dbus-driven
separate process, and have both your software and the default Nautilus
implementation implement that dbus interface
- augment the libnautilus-extension API with a way to intercept file
operation calls and outsource them to an external entity

That's why I was asking how you are able to do something like this on
Windows - to get an idea of how other platforms deal with these use


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