Re: compact view removed from Nautilus

> The problem is the way fingers and wrists work. :) The human hand is
> not well suited to horizontal movement with a mouse/touchpad (unless
> you're using a scroll wheel).

Really, don't you mean vertical or neither? Is this part of the same
university thinking that decided widescreen was better because our iris
and pupils are oval ;-). (forgive me, I have a bee in my bonnet about
widecreen with black lines to rub it in). Had to use a widescreen laptop
the other day too in a workshop event, ughhh how inhibiting.

> I understand that you like this feature and I can see the reasoning
> behind what you're saying. I just don't think it is a well designed
> feature, and I think it undermines the design of the application as a
> whole.

How does it undermine, is there another feature you are wanting to
implement that breaks under compact view?. Shouldn't that functionality
be implemented into list view before it's removed.

I've never really used Gnome preferring KDE, blackbox, fvwm, xfce but
I tried Gnome 3 due to trying out Fedora which I haven't looked at in
years and couldn't believe once the options were eventually found that
focus and click without raising the window has been removed (default in
fvwm). Makes Gnome 3 a no goer to me and others in forums.

Why remove, you could hide it away via gconf or is it dconf if you want
cleanliness. (both of which I hate preferring simple universal textual
interfaces as per the unix philosophy)


 Why not do something good every day and install BOINC.

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