Re: compact view removed from Nautilus

2012/7/3 Adam Dingle <adam yorba org>

* It is hard to scan multiple columns when they scroll, and it is difficult
to find a particular item in an alphabetical list if it wraps over multiple
Actually I think it's much easier to scan for a particular filename in
compact view, where all filenames in a column are physically and
alphabetically contiguous, than in icon view, where there are gaps between
the filenames and where filenames in a vertical column are not contiguous
Well sure, it's easier than icon view, but it's not as easy as list
view. Icon view is for when you're interested in icons/thumbnails,
list view is for when you're focused on filenames.

But list view just isn't that useful when you have dozens of files in a single directory, a very common case.  My screen is 2-dimensional.  If I'm looking at a large set of files, I certainly want them to be laid out in two dimensions rather than having to scroll to see them.  In this situation, compact view would be my first choice, followed by icon view; list view would come last.

I'd like to add that panoramic displays are the norm nowadays and users have a lot of horizontal space and it is worth to make the most of it.


    -- Juanjo Marin

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