Re: Nautilus state of mission (was: Re: Reasoning for Removal of Extra Pane Mode?)

On 08/02/2012 12:16 AM, Holger Berndt wrote:
And that's not a secret. When GNOME Shell was about to come up at the horizon, Alex Larsson widely communicated a "Change in focus" for Nautilus [1]. The reasoning was that with GNOME Shell, Nautilus is not mainly the application / document launcher anymore, but its usecase is mostly "more advanced file management". That's what motivated merging extra pane, and some other prominent changes.

Hi Holger!
While I'm very happy that we're on the right path to deempathise the importance of the hierarchical file manager in GNOME. There are however still some cases where it's needed, so we need a simple file manager. This needs to be Nautilus and it needs to move forward to adapt to the world around it and meet new challenges in hardware and interaction methods. Nautilus have changed forms several times over it's long history, as natural, these changes have been met with both joy and sorrow from it's user base, keeping in mind it's been a core part of our experience. (In retrospect, yes, I would agree that spatial nautilus was not an awesome idea, but I am extremely proud that we as a project was brave enough to go through with it.)

On a final note, I would say there is still room for a advanced, 3rd party, file manager in the Linux space supporting the complex cases of batch renaming, careful file sorting and other cases that Nautilus could never grow up to be. This is a great moment to invent one (or improve an existing one for that matter)!
- Andreas

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