Re: MANY windows for SAME folder opened

On Wed, 2011-05-04 at 09:29 +0200, Alexander Skwar wrote:

> > However, this will still
> > not be spatial behaviour as its easy to get several windows showing the
> > same location.
> For example, "symlinked" paths? If so: This didn't work in Gnome 2
> anyway… Ie. I have $HOME/Dropbox which is a symlink to /data/Dropbox.
> I would always get two windows, depending on whether I went to
> /data or $HOME and opened dropbox.

No need for that. Just open two window and type /tmp in the location

> > Also in some situations it might not be what you want,
> Provide an option "Open in new window", then the user can decide and
> Gnome/Nautilus doesn't have to guess *G*

Thats not really constructive. Every technically possible behaviour
should not be supported by adding options for it. We should support a
small, well defined set of options for workflows we think make sense and
are important enought to offset the cost (to maintainership and ui

> > maybe the other window showing the folder is visible in some other
> > workspace related to a different activity than the current activity,
> > so going to that workspace and activating that window is not what you'd
> > want.
> That's how it behaved on Gnome 2, and that's what I liked ;) But I guess
> it would be fine to have one folder window open per workspace.

No, thats not really how spatial worked, its just a very small detail in
the spatial model.

> > I'm generally not sure what the exact behaviour people are expecting from
> > the new "open each folder in new window" mode (or how useful it is), so
> For me, the current behaviour isn't useful at all. One reason is, that it takes
> too long to open a window. Easily one to two seconds. And the flood of open
> windows is a *HUGE* PITA!

So, why do you keep wanting to open new windows then? Just disable that
option, its not the default or anything.

> > I'm not sure what the right thing to do here is. What does e.g. explorer
> > do in this mode?
> Explorer of Windows XP (I don't have Windows 7) behaves like Gnome 2
> used to behave - only ONE window for ONE folder.

No, explorer is not truly spatial like gnome 2 was.

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