MANY windows for SAME folder opened


I'm using Gnome 3 on ArchLinux. Browsing my folders, I noticed, that
now Nautilus seems to open a new window every time, I open a folder;
even then, when a window already exists. After a short time, the number
of open windows becomes rather large, eg.:

What I did there, I opened the "! Unsortiert !" folder and navigated to
subfolders and also back from these subfolders into the "! Unsortiert !"
folder. Every time I went back to "! Unsortiert !", a NEW window got

That's not good.

I liked the Gnome 2.x behaviour better.

I *DO* want to get a new window for every folder - but, please, only
*ONE* window for *ONE* folder!

What can be done? Or is that now the way it's supposed to be?

Best regards,

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