Re: MANY windows for SAME folder opened


On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 08:57, Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:

> The spatial mode (which behaves like that) was removed from nautilus, as

Oh, that's too bad :(

> it doesn't fit very well with the way gnome 3 works (no desktop, the shell
> will be handing files more, etc). However, the old "spatial" preference
> was kept, but it now has a much more trivial implementation, a pure "open
> each new folder in a new window".

Noticed that…

> This could be made somewhat more complex by looking for already opened
> windows for the folder and showing them instead.

Yes, that would be, what I'd like to have!

> However, this will still
> not be spatial behaviour as its easy to get several windows showing the
> same location.

For example, "symlinked" paths? If so: This didn't work in Gnome 2
anyway… Ie. I have $HOME/Dropbox which is a symlink to /data/Dropbox.
I would always get two windows, depending on whether I went to
/data or $HOME and opened dropbox.

> Also in some situations it might not be what you want,

Provide an option "Open in new window", then the user can decide and
Gnome/Nautilus doesn't have to guess *G*

> maybe the other window showing the folder is visible in some other
> workspace related to a different activity than the current activity,
> so going to that workspace and activating that window is not what you'd
> want.

That's how it behaved on Gnome 2, and that's what I liked ;) But I guess
it would be fine to have one folder window open per workspace.

> I'm generally not sure what the exact behaviour people are expecting from
> the new "open each folder in new window" mode (or how useful it is), so

For me, the current behaviour isn't useful at all. One reason is, that it takes
too long to open a window. Easily one to two seconds. And the flood of open
windows is a *HUGE* PITA!

> I'm not sure what the right thing to do here is. What does e.g. explorer
> do in this mode?

Explorer of Windows XP (I don't have Windows 7) behaves like Gnome 2
used to behave - only ONE window for ONE folder.


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