Re: Automatically save files in GtkFileChooser


Thanks for the information (that's why I wrote Nautilus or Gnome, I didn't know exactly what was concerned).

I'll do the report on appropriate location. Last question, does the behavior of GtkFileChooser depend of each software using it or is it global to the system ? Do I need to do one report on launchpad regarding GtkFileChooser or contact developers of each software using it and for which it could be good to have automatic saving option ?

Thanks in advance. Best regards,


On 25/01/2011 19:54, Cosimo Cecchi wrote:

On Tue, 2011-01-25 at 10:29 +0100, Valeryan_24 wrote:

I have a little very basic question regarding Nautilus / Gnome use,
practical user experience.

Is there, in Nautilus or Gnome, a preference rule, an option, that we
can modify to allow, when we have a lot of files to save on hard disk,
doing it automatically without validating and confirming their name ?
As Andre said, that's a GtkFileChooser widget controlled by the
application, not a nautilus window; also it's entirely possible to have
that kind of behavior within GtkFileChooser, so my advice is to file
bugs for applications where you think this makes sense.


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