Automatically save files in Nautilus - Gnome


I have a little very basic question regarding Nautilus / Gnome use, practical user experience.

Is there, in Nautilus or Gnome, a preference rule, an option, that we can modify to allow, when we have a lot of files to save on hard disk, doing it automatically without validating and confirming their name ?

To be more clear : for example in Thunderbird, when I get a mail with join files and try to save them on disk with right click context menu "Save as", or in Gpodder podcast manager, when I select multiple episodes then "send to folder", a Nautilus / GTK window opens, allowing me to choose destination folder.

But then, I have to click one by one for all files to save in order to validate their denomination. In my case, I always keep original name, without modification (I change it after with Metamorphose software by mass renaming or manually if necessary).

So when there are dozens of files, it's time and energy consuming to click a lot of on "Save"... I'd like to do it just once to choose target folder and hop... automatically and instantly Nautilus copies all the files in this folder with their origin name without asking each time.

Very easy and basic thing, but would make daily use nicer. Perhaps it still exists and I did not find it, do you know if it is possible or could be in the future ?

Thanks in advance. Best regards,


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