Re: Where is the code for desktop windows?

On Fri, 2011-01-14 at 16:38 +0530, leena chourey wrote:

>       * Desktop is part of nautilus.  Frame named: x-nautilus-desktop
>         Is it?
>       * It is a GTK widget : frame  .    Is it?
>       * It displays content of desktop directory shown in file
>         manager?  Is it?
> Now how can I know, how nautilus renders desktop window, icon
> positions, method of icon display (row* column or pixel bases) and
> other details?
> I have downloaded the source code of nautilus-2.28.1 from gnome site
> and trying to understand the details. As explored and found that
> nautilus-desktop-window.c, .h can give useful things required.

Hi Leena,

Nautilus draws the desktop window by using a full-screen window on top
of the X root window, inside which it draws the background and the
desktop icons on top of it.

Most of the icon placement and rendering is done in
NautilusIconContainer, which in turn is an EelCanvas subclass (the icon
placement and rendering code is shared with the regular nautilus icon
view); other interesting pieces are (as they're called in git master,
some of these classes got recently renamed):
- NautilusDesktopWindow, which sets the window manager hint and
determines the right size for the full screen window to be drawn;
- NautilusDesktopIconView, which mostly sets the NautilusView properties
to be shown on the desktop
- NautilusDesktopBackground, uses GnomeBG to set the background on the

As Andre already suggested you, the best way to contribute to Nautilus
is to use code from git master; what exactly are you trying to do?


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